May 31, 2012, St. George, Utah

Visiting St. George, UT 

St. George, Utah

St. George City


I walked into my office this morning and went about the usual beginning of day routine: talk to the night audit, the breakfast crew, check guests out, check e-mails, voice mails, and daily book keeping, and bri…ng up the various websites. And there it was, in all its splendor and glory on the TripAdvisor website in black and white…and color. The Best Western Coral Hills rose from #4 to #3 out of the 45 Southern Utah/St. George hotels!
This is not small feat. This is monumental, this is HUGE! The properties that have been holding the #1, #2 and #3 spots have done so for the past year and are fierce competitors, are great properties and each has a great staff (almost as good as ours). So to rise up to #3 is AWESOME! I fully expected to wait another year before we would get ahead. WOW, I’ve been elated all day! TripAdvisor rankings can sometimes be fickle but for now, for today at least…WE’RE NUMBER THREE, WE’RE NUMBER THREE!!!!! I am so pleased with this staff, they deserve KUDOS! I was thinking we get one of those huge hoagies and share it for lunch. To tame or lame, how would YOU recommend we thank them?


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May 26, 2012

S.R. 14, Cedar Breaks, Opens Memorial Day Weekend!

Today May 24th, S.R. 14 is finally opening to allow traffic through to Cedar Breaks abd Duck Creek Village.  The Southern Utah community has been looking forward to this since last October when a massive landslide wiped out 800 feet of the popular scenic roadway.

The road will not yet be paved so motorists will be traveling on road base (dirt/gravel) during this time. The road will open at 3:00pm on Thursday, May 24, and will remain open until 7:00am on Tuesday, May 29. After that time, the road will be closed during the day and opened each night from 7:00pm to 7:00am, except on Friday when the road will open at 5:00pm and remain open through the weekend until Monday at 7:00am. This will continue to be the schedule now through the month of July.

 Distant view of SR 14 in October 2011. 

Thank you UDOT for moving all of that!

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May 25, 2012

St. George Pow Wow 2012

Pow Wow St. George 2012

Pow Wow St. George 2012

 June 1-2, 2012

Admission Prices

Adults $3.00, 12 and under free.
Dancers and singers free.Friday June 1st 2012 schedule of events:
4:00-7:00pm Dancers registration
7:00pm: Grand EntrySaturday June 2nd 2012 schedule of events:
10:00am Doors open to public
1:00pm Grand Entry

7:00pm Grand Entry
Mention you will be staying at the Best Western Coral Hills
 for the St. George Pow Wow and reveive a 20% discount
Pow wow, 2012 Schedule

Pow wow, 2012 Schedule

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May 24, 2012

Memorial Day 2012, St. George, Utah

Memorial Day

The History of Memorial Day:

It was 1866 and the United States was recovering from the long and bloodyy Civil War between the North and the South. Surviving soldiers came home, some with missing limbs, and all with stories to tell. Henry Welles, a drugstore owner in Waterloo, New York, heard the stories and had an idea. He suggested that all the shops in town close for one day to honor the soldiers who were killed in the Civil War and were buried in the Waterloo cemetery. On the morning of May 5, the townspeople placed flower,  wreaths and crosses on the graves of the Northern soldiers in the cemetery. At about the same time, Retired Major General Jonathan A. Logan planned another ceremony, this time for the soldiers who survived the war. He led the veterans through town to the cemetery to decorate their comrades’ graves with flags. It was not a happy celebration, but a memorial. The townspeople called it Decoration Day.

Memorial Day is not limited to honor only those Americans from the armed forces. It is also a day for personal remembrance. Families and individuals honor the memories of their loved ones who have died. Church services, visits to the cemetery, flowers on graves or even silent tribute mark the day with dignity and solemnity. It is a day of reflection. However, to many Americans the day also signals the beginning of summer with a three-day weekend to spend at the beach, in the mountains or at home relaxing.

(Information from

Do make your reservations, St. George does sell out.


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May 18, 2012

View the Solar Eclipse from Southern Utah

Image from:

Sunday May 20th, thousands of people will be gathering in Southern Utah to view the spectacular sight of a solar eclipse.  The eclipse will begin at 6:22 PM and finish at 8:37 PM.  The annular will be visible from 7:31-7:36.

We want to make sure that all of our guests have a fun and safe experience, so we thought we’d share a few safety tips and options for viewing.

1.  Eclipse glasses are an inexpensive and safe way to view an eclipse.  Make sure the glasses have “CE” printed on them, showing that they are safety certified.  Visitors can order them online at or pick them up at the Washington County BLM Office for FREE (first come, first served.)  Inspect your glasses for any damage before looking directly at the sun.  They can also be purchased for $2.00 athe th Southwest Vision Center on 700 South.

2.  If you are using a telescope filter, DO NOT use one that fits over the eye piece.  This can seriously damage your eyes.  Instead, be sure to use a filter that fits over the FRONT END of the telescope.  Devices such as binoculars and telescopes concentrate energy from the sun in a similar way to magnifying glasses.  (Picture the little pyromaniac child that tortures ants and burns leaves.)  So if you don’t want your eyes to suffer the same fate as those ants, make sure you are using a proper telescope filter.

3.  A number 14 welders glass can be used.  However, you should not layer glasses of smaller numbers that add up to 14.  A stack of two 7 glasses to does not provide the same protection as a 14 glass!

4.  The classic pinhole projection is a guaranteed safe way to view the eclipse.  Instructions for making one can be found at

No matter how you decide to view this amazing phenomenon, make sure you protect your eyes first and foremost…..

….And be sure you book your room with us soon, persons come from all over the United State and the world attend this event.

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May 17, 2012

Catholic Church in St. George Utah

St George Catholic Church

St George Catholic Church

The St. George Catholic Church is located at 259 West 200 North
St. George, UT 84770 only three blocks from Best Western Coral Hills. 

In 1879, Father Lawrence Scanlan established the St. John’s Catholic Church, the Silver Reef Hospital, and St. Mary’s School in Silver Reef. At the invitation of his friend, John MacFarlane, a deputy U.S. mineral surveyor at Silver Reef, Father Scanlan offered mass in the newly completed St. George Tabernacle. The St. George Tabernacle choir sang and three thousand people attended the mass. This was the first high mass celebrated in southern Utah.

For further information on the history of Catholic Church development and construction in the St. George go to the Washington County Historical Society Website.

For further information on attending mass and other church functions please visit the St. George go to or call (435)673-2604.


May 14, 2012

Fishing in Southern Utah

Fishing in Southern Utah

Fishing in Southern Utah

There are plenty of great spot to fish in Southern Utah.  The best, most current information regarding licensing, the conditions for reservoirs, lakes, and rivers can be found on the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website.  They also have a downloadable fishing guide FREE for the regions of Utah State.  

2012 Utah Fishing Guidebook

2012 Utah Fishing Guidebook

 Quail Creek:
Great place for large mouth bass and rainbow trout.  The bass is typically found on the west and north shorelines.  

 Sand Hollow Reservoir:
This is the place for you especially if you like large mouth bass.   Bluegills seem to have disappeared.

Gunlock Reservoir:
Bass are looking strong on the west bank.  Fishing is even better with a boat.  All boats now have to be treated for quagga mussels.

Some other good spots to fish include:  Sandove Reservoirs, Baker Reservoir (huge brown trout), Enterprise Reservoir (upper large rainbows), and Otter Creek Reservoir

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May 10, 2012

Mothers Day 2012 in St. George, Utah

Mothers Day 2012

Mothers Day 2012, Photo Credit: Andrew Laker/The Republic/AP

We at Best Western Coral Hills just want to acknowledge our wonderful mothers.  The great persons they are and all they have done for us.  We hope we are doing the things that make you proud. 

 Thank you moms for all the things you have taught us…even when we didn’t want to learn them. 

This Mother’s Day we would like to suggest a few things:

Do something basic, something fun, or something unexpected

Call her up on the phone…then call her again, just to say “I love you” or “Thanks”   *   Pick some wild flowers and dandelions   *   Give her a handmade card   *   write down 100 things you like about, admire, remember, and wish for your mother   *    give her a massage or send her to a professional    *    Tell dad to take her out of town to relax at the Best Western Coral Hills (well, why not?)   *   Start planning NOW, don’t wait till the day before, NEVER take a mother for granite   *   Leave notes on her pillow, on the counter, in the car, in the fridge   *   give her a long, loving, hug   *   Say “I Love You”, every day   *   Show mom how much you love her and do your chores   *   take her somewhere unexpected   *   help get her in touch with an old friend   *   Remember Your Mother, on Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 13th. 2012,

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May 7, 2012

What Women Want is Back!!!

what women want expo

what women want expowhat women want expo


One of the premier women’s events in the area: What Women Want Expo 2012 held Friday and Saturday, May 18-19,

Friday 10am – 8pm, Saturday 10am -6pm at the Dixie Center

Tickets are $5 at the gate OR 2 for $6 at the Spectrum office (Just one block away from Best Western Coral Hills on St. George Boulevard) from May 14 to May 17

Learn more about this exciting event at








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May 5, 2012

Cotton Days 2012 in Washington City

Cotton Days 2012

The annual Washington City Cotton Days celebration will include a variety of events, including an ice cream social, junior rodeo , golf, fishing, a movie in the park, breakfast and more to celebrate the city’s history on May 7th -12th. 2012  Washington City is located off exit 10 next to St. George, Utah

May 5-12

May 5, 2012

8:00am Ironman Breakfast & Festival @ Buena Vista & Main St (Map)
Come eat pancakes and cheer on the Ironman participants as they pass on their bikes!

May 7, 2012

6:00pm Cotton Days Kick Off @ Washington City Community Center (Map)
Kick of the Cotton Days Celebration with food, swimming, and entertainment. $1 entry for non-members, non-residents. (Members and Residents FREE)

May 8, 2012

6:00pm Barrel Racing @ Millcreek Ranch (Map)

6:00pm Ice Cream Social @ Veterans Park (Map)
Enjoy hayride tours of historical Washington City, square dancing, and of course Ice Cream

May 9, 2012

5:00pm Jr. Rodeo @ Millcreek Ranch (Map)
Watch our local youth in their very own Jr. Rodeo. Register to participate in the event at the WCCC. Spectator fee $5, $20 for family of 6 Entry Form:

May 10, 2012

6:00pm Youth Fishing Derby @ Razor Ridge Urban Fishery (Map)
Bring your poles and fish, fish, fish! Washington City Royalty will be giving out prizes and awards. FREE!

May 11, 2012

9:00am Golf Tournament @ Green Spring Golf Course (Map)
$125 per person for a 2 day tournament. Price includes green fees, cart, prizes, lunch, and payoff.

7:00pm Dusk ’til Dawn Softball Tournament @ Washington City Ball Fields (Map)
The name says it all, play ball from dusk ’til dawn! Registration cost is $250 per team. Sign up at the Washington City Community Center. Flyer and Registration Form:

9:00pm Movie in the Park @ Community Center Park (Map)
Join the Washington City Chamber of Commerce as we watch Puss in Boots on the big screen.

May 12, 2012

7:00am Hell Hole 5K/10K @ Virgin River Trail (Map)
Register at or in person at the WCCC for our 5K or 10K race download the package here:

7:00am Lions Club Pancake @ Veterans Park (Map)
Eat breakfast as you watch the parade at Veterans Park. $5 per plate, $20 per family

9:00am Golf Tournament @ Green Spring Golf Course (Map)
$125 per person for a 2 day tournament. Price includes green fees, cart, prizes, lunch, and payoff.

9:00am Parade @ Telegraph Street 300e-100w (Map)
Parade From 300 E on Telegraph Ending on 100 W. Entry Form:

10:00am Cotton Fest @ Veterans Park (Map)
Celebrate the birth of our great city with a day in the park. Food, vendors, live entertainment, and games.

11:00am Tractor Pull @ Vacant Lot (Map)

6:00pm Team Sorting @ Millcreek Ranch (Map)




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