January 18, 2013

Dixie State College Name Change…what will be the new name?

Dixie State College Name Change…what will be the new name?

Now that Dixie State College is about to earn university status what will be the new name of DSC?

Dixie State University of Course!

Dixie State Colllege, St. George, Utah

Dixie State Colllege, St. George, Utah

“The new name recommendation will advance to the Utah State Board of Regents for approval Friday, Jan. 25th, where it is also anticipated that at that meeting (held at DSC), the Regents will vote to formally approve university status for Dixie State College. The matter will then move on to the Utah State Legislature, where the new name of the institution will be presented for final legislative approval and funding consideration.

“As with stakeholders at large, the Trustees saw the merits of several different naming options, and the majority preferred ‘Dixie State University,’” Chair Caplin continued. “In the end the Board chose to unite as one body. We unanimously stand behind the Dixie State University name and encourage all stakeholders to do the same. This is the time to combine our resources, make our best contributions, and rally around this great institution.”

Congratulations to all those who worked so hard for the past 100 years to help this fine institution become what it is today.  Our many thanks!    (Click here to link to the complete story.)

Regardless of the name the college/univerisity is here to stay and so is the Best Western Coral Hills, one of the best hotels in Southern Utah. Click our our deals page to find specials specificaly for those in association with DSC.


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