April 15, 2014

Earth Day April 22, 2014 at Best Western Coral Hills

Happy Earth Day!    Its coming soon!   You may not know this but Best Western Coral Hills has a 4 out of 5 Green Key rating and a Bronze Level rating with TripAdvisor  This means the BWCH goes beyond most properties to be a more responsible steward of our earths resources.   It is actually less expensive to recycle than to throw them into a landfill.  Please use the recycle cans made available in your guest room.   Join us for Earth Day 2014 by recycling something that day.  Click below to learn 20 interesting things about our unique home.  For example did you know…?  The lowest point on Earth is the Dead Sea measuring 1,302 feet below seal level.  or that 80% of all life on Earth lives under the surface of the ocean.  This Earth Day, pick up a bit of trash, or reuse a water bottle, or turn off any running water.

Earth Day 2014

Earth Day 2014



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