Adventurous Touring in Utah

When I was a bit younger, the experience I had while travelling between Saint George and Provo together with my family along 1-15 was just a torture. On our way to Disneyland, Saint George and Las Vegas, small towns were just passing blur. Once in a while, we may have stopped at Nephi for lunch and to relax before shortly hitting the road again. However soon after, we could just get back to boredom hours.

Even then, there are a few fascinating steps to make just along the way. These stopovers are the few that make the destination to be more fun and also a great adventure. You should have a stop- over in Scipio which is only one hour to Beaver’s north and one hour to the south of Provo at the center of Flying J Travel. There is an exceptional petting zoo here. This petting zone that is free has the ordinary type of animals that include sheep, goats, rabbits and chicken. Kids will definitely have fun keeping these animals that are very friendly and who are used to being hugged, touched and fed by these excited children.

Photo Credit: jen olson on flickr

However, a petting zoo with your ordinary farm animals would not be adequate in getting many of the people to pull over what has been a semi -truck for a couple of years. Also available are ostriches, horses, zebras, alpacas and miniature horses. Unlike the small animals which are allowed to keep roaming with visitors round their enclosures, the animals that are more exotic stay behind fences. Even then, if tempted with some food pellets or hay, they will come just right over. It is very important that you watch out for your hands and fingers. Even though zebras are normally friendly, once in a while, they will take a nip at you. The ostrich may get aggressive a little bit, swing its big head and also peck at unsuspicious people.

When you finish at the zoo, consider taking a walk to the busy clean Flying J, Burger King and select a cone of soft serve ice cream to enjoy even as you proceed down the road to the other adventurous part.

Memorial Day

The official and unofficial beginning of summer starts at the Memorial Day. Swimming pools open while grills sizzle. Kids are almost out of school and the call of summer can be heard. Here in Utah, you will find so many interesting things to do and interesting places to go. Throughout Utah, there are plenty of fun filled activities. The following are ten favorite places that can make a good beginning to your summer:

1. Playground at the Wild West Jordan- This is a playground whose theme centers on a main street in Utah. There are climbing walls, playhouse of multi-story which is made to look just like the ancient Saltair and much other playground equipment.
2. Hogle Zoo-Over the past few years, this zoo has undergone through a major transformation. Rocky shores, Asian Highlands and also Elephant Encounters are joined by the vast African Savanna where you will find four new lions.
3. Museum of Hill Aerospace- Situated near Roy, the aviation history and the U.S Air force unfolds massively at this museum.
4. Antelope Island- The biggest island at the western part of Utah situated at this Great Salt Lake. There is a sandy beach and many hiking trails.
5. Bean Life Science of Monte L- This is a science museum where you will get shows of live animals and family nights.
6. Art of Springville Museum- At Utah’s springville, the art museum gem is one which many people having lived for a long time in Utah may not have visited. Take a day in exploring this museum whose house is a stylish architecture of Spanish Moroccan.
7. The prehistoric museum of USU Eastern- The great museum has a split exhibit between anthropology and paleontology.
8. Falls of the Bridal Veil- The Provo Canyon is a beautiful cascade of double horsetail. There is a pool with shady picnic area and paved biking trails running down the canyon.
9. Discovery Park of Novel Children- Playground which has been built around the science of teaching kids.

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