St. George Heritage Days! Jan 10th-17th, 2012

St. George Heritage Days 2012

You only turn 150 once and the City of St. George plans to celebrate big. Instead of holding a New Year’s party we will celebrate our 150th birthday January 10th-17th . All types of performances and events will be held and referred to as Heritage Days! All Heritage Days events are free to the public in honor of this place we call home. Happy Birthday St. George!

St. George City celebrates its 150th anniversary with “Heritage Days.” A variety of programs and events will be held January 10th-17th and are all free to the public.

St. George Heritage Days PostCard

St. George Heritage Days PostCard

Events include the Lieto Choir musical tribute to St. George, James Arrington’s one man show “Brother Brigham”, the Visual Arts Association art show “Desert to a Dream” and the “Decades of Dixie Heritage Festival” held at the Dixie Convention Center January 16th and 17th which will display timelines and original artifacts from the families, organizations and businesses that make our community unique. These and many more events and information can be found on the St. Goerge City website within the next few weeks.

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